Facts regarding the Angelic Human DNA Template, DNA Activation, and Ascension

This information will allow you to have an understanding of the difference between the DNA template and the two strand chemical DNA And just how DNA activation is the process of spiritual evolution.
The Angelic Human DNA template consists of scalar wave blueprints for 12 double helix DNA strands. 12 double helix DNA strands would be the legitimate Angelic Human Diamond Sunlight DNA template. Every single strand template or energetic strand blueprint consists of 12 hearth letters which might be meant to translate into 12 significant chromosomes. A fire letter is actually a scalar wave software, held throughout the DNA template that makes diversity of form.
The DNA template is composed of particular arrangements of hearth letters that Regulate the manifestation of make any difference, biology, and consciousness.
Scalar waves are standing wave points composed of portions of conscious Vitality. Scalar waves are multidimensional standing wave designs that emanate outside of a hard and fast point of audio-tonal vibration, inside the morphogenetic subject. Scalar waves look to move from one particular area to another, but in reality They may be stationary details of light and remain in just one put.
DNA is definitely the observable parts and chemical translations of scalar wave courses that exist in the morphogenetic field. These courses nevertheless, the scalar wave part of the DNA, the element beneath the element we're seeing are identified as fireplace letters. Which is an historic phrase Employed in the Enochian teachings and during the Hebrew teachings they talked about fireplace letters. They were being speaking about the scalar wave patterns that when activated throughout the DNA; enable the overall body to change into light-weight. It authorized the particles and anti-particles to fuse, to grow to be hearth, and Visit the following octave. They had been talking about The trick mechanics of increased evolution, The main element to opening the relationship between man and God. They realized that there was a top secret to ascension and which was in the hearth letters. And they ended up proper.
The DNA template that we've been Talking about today is what exists in what's known as the morphogenetic subject, or kind Keeping blueprint. All make any difference kinds and kinds of consciousness, which includes planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through a morphogenetic industry, or sort Keeping blueprint, which exist as being a amount of crystalline, electro-tonal energetic material that's made up of selected patterns of frequency.
Varieties can be found in the manifestation and evolve, as patterns of frequency are drawn into the shape’s morphogenetic area, with the dimensional frequency bands of your unified industry during which the morphogenetic field is placed.
This drawing in of frequency progressively expands the morphogenetic discipline and generates evolution of kind progressively upward through the fifteen dimensional universe. This really is the whole process of DNA activation-the accretion of light and to just one's area and DNA template, to activate the hearth letters that permits a person to connect with their bigger levels of consciousness.
So how Is that this designed to function with the DNA template is operating appropriately? Just about every of your 12 organic chromosomes characteristic to every strand of your twelve strand angelic human chemical DNA is created upon a genetic alphabet of twelve, not four nucleotide foundation chemicals.
Just about every from the twelve normal chromosomes per strand are shaped by a person Major DNA template fireplace letter. The chemical translation in the natural chromosomes is shaped through the Vitality interrelationships between just one magnetic base particle foundation code, although a person electrical anti-particle acceleration code, as well as the twelve minute vector codes that kind the structure of one fireplace letter in the DNA template.
Each and every with the 12 strand templates holds a list of 12 hearth letters, a list of 12 base -acceleration code pairs, and a set of a hundred and forty four vector codes. The 12 magnetic base codes in Every strand emerge from the mom line (the mom's genetic sanitetski prevoz imprint) plus the twelve electrical acceleration codes for each strand emerge from the father line (the father's genetic imprint).
The bottom code- acceleration code pair that varieties just one hearth letter while in the DNA template by which just one normal chemical chromosome will emerge forms the two sugar phosphate molecule groups that translate in to the two handrails or heli on the chemical DNA ladder.
In its normal point out, a person heli would carry the sugar phosphate blueprint inherited with the mother line genetic code and the other heli would have the sugar phosphate blueprint inherited from The daddy line genetic code, generating virtually a magnetic particle mother heli and an electrical anti-particle father heli, as the handrails of your chemical DNA ladder.
During the current point out, most of the foundation codes and acceleration codes that variety the fire letters have already been electrically reversed, which scrambles the pure mom or father line chemical interrelationships within the sugar phosphate handrails.
In The present non-ideal point out from the Homo-Sapien- two chemical DNA, gene sequences inherited from the two mother and father will surface in equally heli, because of reverse foundation codes and acceleration sanitetski prevoz pacijenata codes throughout the DNA template. This produces trouble while in the pure functionality of the Angelic Human 12 strand DNA.
Scrambling of the base code and acceleration code pairs a decide on hearth letters with the DNA template interrupts a natural function and meant electromagnetic interrelationships among the mom heli magnetic particle foundation codes and The daddy heli electrical anti-particle acceleration codes from the chemical phosphate chains in just each and every gene in chromosome in the DNA ladder. This manifests into your male-feminine rift here on Earth Earth.
Via the whole process of DNA Perfection We've got a chance to bio-regenerate our unique organic DNA template and imprint for overall health, and reclaim our respective sanitetski prevoz beograd divine correct destinies and private relationships into the 1 resource God.
This can be the goal of DNA Perfection – to aid somebody embody these frequencies so they can work in step with their soul’s mission and lift the frequency with the Earth for planetary ascension into the Absolute Harmonic Realms in 2012.
Significantly enjoy and regard,
Toby Alexander
DNA Perfection

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